TMS Therapy

If you’ve tried other treatments for depression, anxiety, or other mental health disorders unsuccessfully, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) might be the solution for you. At Dura Medical in Naples, Florida, behavioral health specialists Stephen Durand, CRNA, APRN, Kathryn Hart, APRN, PMHNP-BC, CPNP-PC, and their exceptional team offer TMS sessions using state-of-the-art equipment to improve your mood. Call the office to book an appointment or schedule one online today.

What is TMS?

TMS, or transcranial magnetic stimulation, is a non-invasive treatment for depression and other mental health problems that uses magnetic fields to stimulate the nerves in your brain responsible for mood. If you haven’t responded well to other depression, anxiety or OCD treatments, TMS might be the simple solution you’ve been searching for.

Your provider may recommend TMS to treat:

  • Depression
  • OCD
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Smoking cessation

Dura Medical is the only TMS treatment center in Collier County to offer FDA-cleared theta burst treatment for depression that takes just three-and-a-half minutes per session.

Is TMS right for me?

To find out if you’re a candidate for TMS at Dura Medical, your provider discusses your lifestyle, medical history, and symptoms. They complete a physical exam if needed and a comprehensive psychiatric assessment by asking you a series of questions before personalizing a mental health treatment plan for you.

How should I prepare for TMS?

There’s no special preparation needed prior to undergoing TMS treatment. You can drive to and from the appointments. You can resume a normal routine after each treatment.

What happens during the procedure?

The certified TMS Technician will place the magnetic coil to stimulate particular regions of your brain while you relax in a comfortable chair. You might hear tapping or clicking sounds during the procedure, but it’s not painful. Each treatment lasts about 4 minutes.

What should I expect after TMS?

After TMS treatment, there’s no downtime so you can resume your normal daily schedule. A series of TMS sessions over the period of a few weeks can give you the most effective results.

The Dura Medical team may recommend more than one type of mental health treatment, such as TMS combined with psychotherapy, medications, nasal sprays, ketamine infusions, or lifestyle changes.

To learn more about TMS and find out if it’s right for you, call the Dura Medical office or schedule an appointment online today.