Talk Therapy

Talk Therapy Services In Naples, Florida

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Does Therapy Work?

At Dura Medical, we believe in the power of talk therapy as a tool for healing and personal growth. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and seeking therapy is a brave and proactive step toward a healthier life.

Studies have shown that therapy can effectively treat a wide range of mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more. By working with a trained therapist, individuals can learn coping skills, gain insight into their thoughts and behaviors, and find new ways to manage their symptoms.

While every person’s journey is unique, therapy has the potential to bring lasting change and improve quality of life. At Dura Medical, we are committed to providing our patients with evidence-based and individualized care to help them reach their goals.

What is a Therapist?

Talk therapy is a general term for treatment provided by professionals specially trained for mental health treatment and rehabilitation. This can range from social workers to counselors and more. 

Although treatment options like ketamine infusions, Spravato, or TMS can provide symptom relief, talk therapy is an important part of any comprehensive mental health treatment plan.

At Dura Medical, we cover a wide spectrum of talk therapy. With a team of expert providers covering trauma specialists, EMDR technicians, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) providers, social workers, couple’s counselors, and children’s counselors, we are here to help – no matter what you’re looking for relief from.

Our Outpatient Therapy Services

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Professional Counseling

Our providers at Dura Medical provide a wide range of counseling. Counseling, unlike other forms of talk therapy, is less aimed at treating mental health conditions or an illness and is more about learning how to work through general life circumstances.

One example would be marital or couples counseling. We’re all ordinary people, and that sometimes means situations in our lives can pose great challenges. With counseling, we can learn healthy methods of working through stress and circumstances and optimize our lives.

psychotherapy by Dura Medical medication management near me FL
EMDR for Anxiety & Trauma

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is an innovative new method of therapy that involves movement in the eyes to help process traumatic or distressing life experiences.

For conditions like anxiety or PTSD, EMDR therapy may be the key to unlocking true relief. Our specialists here can guide you on a journey to recovery from your trauma.

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Psychotherapy Services

Psychotherapy is a broad net encompassing a wide spectrum of therapy options. At Dura Medical, we offer psychotherapy services with trauma specialists and dedicated CBT providers. Whether you’re suffering from the symptoms of depression or struggling with PTSD, know that we can help you find relief.

psychotherapy by Dura Medical medication management near me FL
Child & Adolescent Therapy

Mental health conditions and trauma do not make exceptions for age. Our providers at Dura Medical are specially trained to provide therapy options for children and adolescents. If you’re looking for treatment from social workers who specialize in treatment options for children, you’ve come to the right place.